Organic Pesticides

Welcome to the first post on the blog.

 At the end of each month I will be giving helpful tips and advice on all aspects of gardening and primarily to include organic gardening. I think this is quite an emotive issue especially at  times of the year when the weeds and insects appear to be in control and not vica versa. The thought of many hours of painstaking weeding out can be suddenly diminished when you see and reach for the bottle of weedkiller,etc. All I can say is: read what is on the label and only use what you understand. 

The use of herbicides and pesticides for the garden came about from their use in commercial growing, where due to the enormity of the problem it was too difficult to do by hand. To remove caterpillars by hand from 10 cabbage is a few minutes work. To do the same in a field of 10,000 cabbages is a problem… hence crop spraying.

Being relatively lazy by nature though, when persuaded by the sales pitch and shiny bottles, we thought thats a good idea and think of the time we can save.  Time saved versus destruction of nature is only leading back to common sense. With commercial growers now struggling to grow anything without covering the land in artificial fertilisers and the use of herbicides and pesticides it only makes sense to fight back in our own back gardens. 

There are many good alternatives from mulching to boiling water; heat and vinegar. I will be discussing all these methods and more in the very near future. Also we have to think that getting to “know” your weeds can be very beneficial as they give us clues to type of soil and deficiencies when you know what to look for. This also will be discussed in the near future. 

Throw away…sensibly of course… the shop bought weed and pest destroyers and get back to nature. Work in unison with that and your garden will be a safe and beautiful environment.

Until next month…..

Thank you